this homework assignment is based upon a trebuchet simulator that you can access at the url http www virtualtrebuchet com 1

can access at the URL

A diagram of the virtual trebuchet is included at the end of this assignment. The diagram delineates the 7 factors that we will manipulate in an experiment. Any other factors should be left at their default value on the website. We will use a Bayesian I-optimal experiment to study the behavior of the virtual trebuchet. The design will be constructed in the JMP Custom Design platform. I have also provided a JMP factor table that will allow you to import the 7 factors into the Factor Table in Custom Design. It will be up to you to specify the low and high settings for each of the 7 continuous factors. In determining factor levels it is very important to make certain to pick levels that make sense in order for the trebuchet to physically function (this is true in general when experimenting).So, carefully note whether or not your settings will work and if not adjust them before generating your experimental design.

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