There are numerous ways through which knowledge of history and foundations of nursing build the context, which enable nurses to understand current practice. Explain


Base in this argument I need a good comment( related to this argument), to post in my online class There are numerous ways through which knowledge of history and foundations of nursing build the context, which enable nurses’ to understand current practice. They help nurture a sense of nursing professional identity, as well as, ensure development of nursing profession. Specifically, they generate knowledge nursing background, that help nurses garner in-depth knowledge and skills to enable then understand how nursing really works and where it is headed in a manner enabling them to make better decisions and changes to making nursing profession richer/better. The foundations and history have been responsible for advancements in nursing education, development of new knowledge and improved outcomes, as written by Florence Nightingale and other theorists. Hence, having such knowledge helps nurses internalize the scope and true essence of nursing, thus able to practice nursing as a fulfilling profession with a higher and true purpose. In essence, the foundations and history offer much rational and clear directions in practicing nursing; they help I understanding nursing in terms of what nurses think instead of practitioner, thus able to express nursing better to other stakeholders, help organize knowledge in particular nursing disciplines/areas, help view problems in different nursing perspectives to address them better (Hood, & Leddy, 2006). 1. i. Among the three remarkable trends in nursing has been the development of nursing technology, which has continued to evolve as the patients needs continue to increase in complexity. As a result, many developments in technologies that help treat diseases, diagnose patients and monitor them within a short span of time have become evident. 2. ii. The second trend relate to ANA institutionalizing and developing ways to ensure RNs were credentialed in different specializations. This has provided an avenue to strengthen nursing profession through developed degree programs and training while ensuring adherence to care standards and regulations of nursing licensure and professional association.3. iii. The third trend relates to nursing uniform history. Nursing uniform has represented not just functional role, but also noble works that nurses perform, which are essential in offering care.4. iv.