The Tables Below Show The Values Of Predicates P X Y Q X Y And S X Y For Every P

The tables below show the values of predicates P(x, y), Q(x, y), and S(x, y) for every possible combination of values of the variables x and y. The row number indicates the value for x and the column number indicates the value for y. The domain for x and y is {1, 2, 3}.

Indicate whether each of the quantified statements is true or false.


∃x ∀y P(x, y)


∃x ∀y Q(x, y)


∃x ∀y P(y, x)


∃x ∃y S(x, y)


∀x ∃y Q(x, y)


∀x ∃y P(x, y)


∀x ∀y P(x, y)


∃x ∃y Q(x, y)


∀x ∀y ¬S(x, y)

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