The Selling Price Variance Caused Solely By The Difference In Actual And Budgete

3. The selling price variance, caused solely by the difference in actual and budgeted selling price, is the flexible-budget variance in revenues = $52,500 U. 4. The flexible-budget variances show that for the actual sales volume of 525,000 pounds, selling prices were lower and costs per pound were higher. The favorable sales volume variance in revenues (because more pounds of ice cream were sold than budgeted) helped offset the unfavorable variable cost variance and shored up the results in June 2007. Levine should be more concerned because the small static-budget variance in contribution margin of $30,000 U is actually made up of a favorable sales-volume variance in contribution margin of $75,000, an unfavorable selling-price variance of $52,500 and an unfavorable variable manufacturing costs variance of $52,500. Levine should analyze why each of these variances occurred and the relationships among them. Could the efficiency of variable manufacturing costs be improved? Did the sal

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