The Peat Mosses Such As Sphagnum Are Gnetophytes B Lycophytes C Ferns D Bryophyt

The peat mosses, such as Sphagnum, are:A.GnetophytesB.LycophytesC.FernsD.BryophytesOnly the ___A produce seeds that include nutritive endosperm.A.AngiospermsB.MossesC.GymnospermsD.FernsEpiphytes growA. in the airB. in the waterC. in the soilD. anywhereCoal-swamp forests with diverse fungi, lycopods, bryophytes, ferns, and horsetails werer characteristic of the_____.A.Triassic.B.Devonian.C.Carboniferous.D.Permian.The rise of the flowering plants to dominance occurred during the:A.TriassicB.JurassicC.PermianD.CretaceousA pine tree is an example of a(n)A.angiospermB.coniferC.bryophyteD.gametophyteBryophytes DO NOT have A.stemsB.a cuticleC.a sporophyte phase to the life cycleD.a gametophyte phase to the life cycleThe largest and most diverse group of seedless nonvascular plants are theA.angiospermsB. horsetailsC.fernsD.mossesSpore-producing sori are located on the undersides of the leaves of a A.fern frondB.monocot sporophyteC.liverwort gametophyteD.fern gametophyteIn _____, the sporophyte develops within the gametophyte tissue and remains attached to it.A.gnetophytesB.seedless vascular plantsC.lycophytesD.bryophytes

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