The forensic procedure can be drawn from any acknowledged forensic field including, but not limited to Hairs and Fibres Glass and Paint Motor Vehicle Accident Re-construction Serology Document Examination Criminal Profiling Entomology Zoology Bot


Essay 2000 words

You are to submit a 2,000 word (+/- 10% without penalty) scholarly paper critically examining a forensic procedure, which has NOT been covered in Module Three. You can submit your essay early but cannot gain an extension unless you apply for Special Consideration through the Special Consideration Unit of RMIT or provide a medical certificate.

The forensic procedure can be drawn from any acknowledged forensic field including, but not limited to: Hairs and Fibres; Glass and Paint; Motor Vehicle Accident Re-construction; Serology; Document Examination; Criminal Profiling; Entomology; Zoology; Botany; Forensic Medical Examiner; Forensic Nursing; Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Psychiatry etc…

The paper must be fully referenced using any academic convention, APA preferred.

Your essay should contain an introduction of the forensic procedure as well as a statement regarding the focus of the essay.

The body of your essay should initially describe the forensic procedure and establish its relevance to the investigation of a crime. Also in the body should be a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the procedure citing criminal cases where appropriate to highlight your argument.

The conclusion summarises the main arguments of your essay. It should be logical, well written with good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Headings are not necessary in essays. Be critical of the process rather than merely descriptive. You should study the Marking template attached to get a clearer picture of what will be assessed in your essay. Your essay must be submitted in editable WORD format and your surname must be at the start of the filename i.e. ogilvie-forensic essay.doc

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Do not email it and do not send a hard copy. Only use the link below and make sure your surname is included in the filename. i.e ogilvie-forensic essay.doc I have also attached the Marking template which you should use to guide your essay development.

This will be used to grade and provide feedback so ensure that you meet the specified requirements. You MUST use in text referencing. Work which is not referenced will be considered plagiarism and you will fail the subject.

You must not re-use work, in part or in whole, which you have previously submitted in this or any other course. I have also attached the GSSS&P&P School Assessment Guide to further assist you in writing your essay.

Essay word length may be plus or minus 10% without penalty. In text references including footnotes are included in the word count but your reference list is not.

1. You have accurately defined and directly addressed the forensic procedure in your introduction, throughout the discussion and in your conclusion
2. You have incorporated all of the key issues associated with the forensic procedure demonstrating that you have fully understood the topic or question.
3. Your essay is creative, provocative and critical. You have persuaded through evidence and logic
4. You have clearly distinguished between the views of the different writers consulted and have critically articulated the strengths and weaknesses of the forensic procedure.
5. Your essay is the result of adequate research and reading of academic sources of a high scholarly nature – 8 academic references would be considered the minimum acceptable. 12 for PG students.
6. There are elements of original thought within your paper which demonstrate depth of analysis of the research
7. You have expressed ideas clearly, using appropriate grammar, spelling and expression
8. Your essay is clearly referenced, using the conventions of an appropriate referencing system (APA preferred)
9. Your essay is well structured with a logical flow making it highly readable
10. The overall presentation of your paper is of a high standard, is within the word limit, submitted in a timely and compliant fashion and truly reflects your individual efforts.