The following post is from another student to wish i have to reply adding some extra information. less than 20 % similarity   3 paragraph  

The following post is from another student to wish i have to reply adding some extra information. less than 20 % similarity   3 paragraph


Validity and feasibility are measures of importance of data collected based on the tools used for this purpose. Validity refers to the extent to which a tool of data collection measures what it should measure. A valid tool should ensure that the differences found within the tools of measurements reflect true differences among what is measured. Feasibility is the measure of whether a study can be done by the use available resources. Feasibility considers a variety of factors including availability of time, study participants, cooperation by other, presence of equipment and facilities, availability of money and the experience of the researcher (Polit & Beck, 2017). In mixed method research, it is possible to achieve both validity and feasibility of research.

The mixed method is an approach to research that integrates qualitative and quantitative data in one study of through a coordination of a number of cluster studies. Mixed method research is important for eliminating contradictions between qualitative findings and quantitative results (Parvaiz, Mufti & Wahab, 2016). By reflecting the viewpoints of participants, the mixed method approach ensures that study findings are grounded in the experiences of participants.

To ensure validity and feasibility, the mixed method research uses two or more methods to collect data. As such, if any of these two methods has a problem with validity, they can be counterbalanced through triangulation (Gibson, 2017). Secondly, through complementarity, the mixed method approach, the researcher can avoid limitations with one method and ensure feasibility of their research. Thirdly, by incrementality, the researcher can use qualitative research through qualitative research and test using the quantitative approach (Polit & Beck, 2017). As such, there is an enhanced validity as the model or hypothesis is supported by multiple and complementary data types.


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