The Following Data Have Been Recorded For Recently Completed Job 501 On Its Job

The following data have been recorded for recently completed Job 501 on its job cost sheet. Direct materials cost was $3,067. A total of 30 direct labor-hours and 104 machine-hours were worked on the job. The direct labor wage rate is $12 per labor-hour. The company applies manufacturing overhead on the basis of machine-hours. The predetermined overhead rate is $11 per machine-hour. The total cost for the job on its job cost sheet would be: A. $4,571B. $3,757C. $3,090D. $3,427Dorra Corporation manufactures lawnmowers in five work stations. Dorra’s weekly demand is 5,000 mowers but Dorra can only produce 4,200. According to the theory of constraints, to increase production output Dorra would benefit the most by concentrating improvement efforts on the: A. first work station.B. last work station.C. largest work station.D. fastest work station.E. slowest work station.Juanita Corporation uses a job-order costing system and applies overhead on the basis of direct labor cost. At the end of October, Juanita had one job still in process. The job cost sheet for this job contained the following information:Direct materials

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