The Flyright Aircraft Maintenance Fram Division Of The Flyright Company Frc Perf

7. The FlyRight Aircraft Maintenance (FRAM) division of the FlyRight Company (FRC) performs all maintenance for FRC’s aircraft. Produce a data model segment that reflects the following business rules. – All mechanics are FRC employees. Not all employees are mechanics.- Some mechanics are specialized in engine (EN) maintenance. Some mechanics are specialized in airframe (AF) maintenance. Some mechanics are specialized in avionics (AV) maintenance. (Avionics are the electronic components of an aircraft that are used in communication and navigation). All mechanics take periodic refresher courses to stay current in their areas of expertise. FRC tracks all courses taken by each mechanic – date, course type, certification (Y/N), and performance.- FRC keeps a history of the employment of all mechanics. The history includes the date hired, date promoted, date terminated, and so on. crows foot

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