the considerations that are required in planning care.

etails: Please see the Unit Moodle site for the detailed scenario information. ONE scenario is to be selected from options available.
This is an INDIVIDUAL assessment task. This assessment task requires students to compose an essay using information from the scenarios provided. Students select ONE of four scenarios (located on the unit Moodle site). You are required to position yourself as the nurse. Using theory, terms and concepts encountered throughout NURS11157, explain the bio-psycho-social-spiritual and cultural contexts of the participants involved. Demonstrate the considerations that are required in planning care.
The essay – MUST include:

title/cover page
table of contents
reference list
The case study is divided into parts and students are encouraged to use headings throughout the paper to provide structure- the Discussion Sections may be used as a heading.

Discussion Sections Suggested topic areas to be considered may include:
Introduction to the client /foundation of clients health and behaviour Explore the main person using a lifespan approach. Identify the health concern. What Model of Health requires consideration in planning nursing care?
Factors affecting health decisions and behaviour Explore how the participants’ health decisions are made within complex social environments. Consider the impacts of social influences, inequalities and culture.
Psycho-physiological aspects of health In relation to the person’s stage of the lifespan, explore the relationship between emotions and health, stress and stress management. Identify types of responses that are evident in relation to the participants.
Prevention of illness and promotion of health Illness prevention and health promotion impacts – propose an intervention to benefits your participant’s situation with consideration to their stage of the lifespan and health literacy.