The Atkinson Model Incorporates The Input Of All Stakeholders In Assessing Proje

The Atkinson model incorporates the input of all stakeholders in assessing project success. Stakeholders are all groups that are affected by a project, for example, employees, customers, end users, the community, suppliers, etc. The Atkinson model begins with the traditional iron triangle of time, cost, and performance and adds considerations of the benefits accrued by organizational and external stakeholders.

Your task is to write a report to your high management on implementing the Atkinson model in your recent project management ( you may choose the topic according to your specialization/career). You are required to conduct extensive research on Atkinson model on project success.The report must embrace the following format.

A. Executive Summary.

B.Research Design & Methodology.         C.Use of Literature/Sources     D.Results, analysis and interpretation of data.           E.Conclusion & Recommendations         


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