Thank You 37 Plasmodial Slime Molds Are More Closely Related To Plants Than To A

Hello Tutor,

Would you please state if this is true or false and please explain why. Thank you

37. Plasmodial slime molds are more closely related to plants than to animals

38. Sex arose in prokaryotes

39. Lateral gene transfer is more common in eukaryotes than prokaryotes

40. Mitosis evolved from the process of Meiosis

41. Multicellularity evolved only once

42. Genetic conflict promotes the evolution of multicellularity

43. A Phylogeny is the evolutionary history of relationships among organisms or their genes.

44. Eukaryotes are the primary biotic contributors to nutrient cycles on the planet.

45. The Bacteria are more closely related to the Eukaryotes than the Archea.

46. Multicellularity requires chemical communication between cells

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