Suppose You Are The Manager For The Regal Martin Village Theatre Complex

Suppose you are the manager for the Regal Martin Village Theatre complex.  You decide to hire Superior Janitorial Services as an  independent contractor to provide janitorial work, per the contract, the workers must be on site and cleaning from midnight to 6 am and can only leave if one of your managers sign off that the work has been done to their satisfaction. If not, your mangers will hold them over and direct workers to complete whatever needs to be done. Other than that, you and your assistant managers have no direct control over the work and pay the flat fee a month to Superior Janitorial. 

a.     Suppose some Superior Janitorial Service workers complain to the government authorities that they aren’t being paid minimum wage and overtime. Are you (i.e. the theatre) liable? Explain why or why not? 

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