Suppose The Own Price Elasticity Of Demand For Good X Is 2 Its Income Elasticit

Suppose the own price elasticity of demand for good x is -2, its income elasticity is -1, its advertising elasticity is 2, and the cross-price elasticity of demand between it and good y is -3.

Determine how much the consumption of this good will change if:

a. the price of good x decreases by 4%

______ percent

b. the price of good y increases by 10%


c. advertising decreases by 3 percent


d. income increases 2%


e. suppose the cross-price elasticity of demand between x and y is -3. How much would the price of good y have to change to change the consumption of good x by 30%?


f. estimates of the income elasticity of demand = 1.8 how will the prospect of an economic boom (expected to increase incomes by 6% in the next year) impact the quantity sold? it will change it by _____ percent (rounded to 2 decimal places)

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