Suppose That Bmw Can Produce Any Quantity Of Cars At A Constant Marginal Cost Eq

1.    Suppose that BMW can produce any quantity of cars at a constant marginal cost equal to $20,000 and a fixed cost of $10 billion. You are asked to advise the CEO as to what prices and quantities BMW should set for sales in Europe and in the United States. The demand for BMWs in each market is given by:

QE = 4,000,000 – 100PE and QU = 1,000,000 – 20PU

     where the subscript E denotes Europe and the subscript U denotes the United States. Assume that BMW can restrict U.S. sales to authorized BMW dealers only.

What quantity of BMWs should the firm sell in each market, and what should the price be in each market? What should the total profit be?

can you walk me through this problem?

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