strategies for managing resources developing an annotated bibliography

This question come in two separate parts

Part 1

Strategies for Managing Resources

Your literature review sets the stage for everything else that you do in your Doctoral Study. It is through this review that you determine the research that has been conducted in your area of interest and the gaps that exist where research is still needed. The literature review also helps support hypotheses that you might have generated and the choices that you will make in your research.

As you proceed, you will review numerous articles that are applicable to your topic. Managing your search of the literature, as well as your findings, is a key part of the Doctoral Study process. Think about strategies you have used in the past to organize research you have conducted. What was effective and what was not? How might you improve your strategies? How will you keep track of the articles you have reviewed and how will you save those that you intend to use in your literature review? What will you do to ensure that you have saved and backed up critical documents? What specific tools will you use? Keep these questions in mind as you determine how you can best manage the many resources that will inform your literature review.

By Day 3

Explain in detail: the strategies you plan to use to manage the resources for your Doctoral Study. Include steps for tracking your search techniques. Describe your strategies for storing and backing up your resources and the tools you will use or have found to be useful. Be specific.

Support your Discussion with citations and specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the resources for this course.

Part 2

Preparing for the Literature Review — Developing an Annotated Bibliography

Now that you have narrowed your focus to a manageable topic and problem, it is time to continue your review of the literature. This week, you will begin identifying additional resources—beyond those included in the Doctoral Study Prospectus—for your literature review (Chapter 2 of the Doctoral Study). Remember that the Doctoral Study process involves a great deal of exploration and reflection and that your specific focus may shift as you investigate the current literature. Refinements to the project are to be expected and are indicative of thorough and questioning research.

To prepare:

  • Using the Walden Library, search for and retrieve at least five articles to support your topic and problem statement. The articles should be different than the articles that you utilized in the Week 5 Discussion and should be published in peer-reviewed journals. Include articles that meet the following criteria:
    • Include one article that utilizes quantitative data analysis.
    • Include one article that utilizes qualitative data analysis.
    • Include one article that utilizes secondary data analysis.
    • The other two articles can be of your choosing.
  • It is essential that you take accurate notes on each article indicating the key points of each and how the article relates to your research. The more thorough you are now, the more useful the information will be in the future.
  • Refer to this week’s Learning Resources for examples and insights on the literature review and developing an annotated bibliography. You can utilize a variety of formats for compiling an annotated bibliography. Be sure to select the format that works best for your research and that complies with APA formatting.

The Assignment (4–5 pages):

  • For the articles you select, create an annotated bibliography that includes the following:
    • APA-formatted citation for each article
    • Summary of the key points of the article
    • Research methodology
    • Key findings
    • Strengths and weaknesses of the research
    • The relevance of the research and article to your proposed topic and research methodology

Note: An annotated bibliography utilizes APA format with a title page and references listed on a separate page.

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources,

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