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This is an assignment that is focusing on the Applied Corporate Strategy analysis Assessment:report. The paper requires external analysis, internal analysis and also strategy evaluation.,Applied Corporate Strategy analysis Assessment:report,Instructions for assessment,This assignment is focusing on the chosen organisation, its industry and business environment. Please choose one case (featuring an organisation) for the purposes of this assignment.,Formative work in weekly seminars will guide students through ,analytical techniques, and processes required to complete the task., How will we support you with your assessment?,There will be weekly references to the assessment task in seminars and also weekly activities in those seminars will be helpful in creating “scaffolding” for eventual submission.,The formative mini-casework in seminars will be of direct help in the application of relevant strategic tools. Additionally, there will be regular Q&A sessions linked to the assessment report and also in the final weeks of teaching there will be an opportunity to review and reflect upon work from previous cohorts., How will your work be assessed?,In this Strategic Report, high marks come from using strategic concepts and analysis from the module clearly applied to the organisation. Harvard referencing, a professional report style plus appropriate diagrams/tables. Outline marking expectations are as follows:,Q1: (30%) External analysis., Firstly, discuss the business environment and identify a number of Opportunities – 5Os and Threats – 1Ts (we expect 6 issues from business environment to be in total each of which conclude as an O or a T). Industry analysis (5 Forces) should also be applied to assess industry attractiveness (each force should be discussed and assessed as High, Moderate or Low and industry attractiveness should be assessed having those forces in mind).,Q2: (30%) Internal analysis., Secondly, identify and discuss organisation’s resources & unique capabilities (at least 6 Strengths and Weaknesses (5 Ss & 1 Ws) should be covered in total). Also, demonstrate how unique capabilities link to competitive advantage (use VRIO to identify Core Competences for the organisation).,Q3: (30%) Strategy Evaluation, Thirdly, choose a recent strategy that the company undertook and also evaluate it using the three SAFe tests.,PRESENTATION: (10%) We expect a professional report with clear report style (not an essay) e.g. frontsheet, contents, clear sections, tables & diagrams and relevant Harvard referencing. The word count should not be by more than 10%.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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