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This is a paper that is focusing on the PY215QX Literature Review research Assignment. The paper also provides additional guidelines to use in writing of the assignment paper.,The PY215QX Literature Review research Assignment,PY215QX Literature Review Assignment Instructions:,You are a researcher and want to conduct a thorough literature review of your favorite topic. You have decided to submit your manuscript for publication as a review paper. The journal you are submitting to, requires that you use APA formatting (7th edition) and include all the appropriate sections mentioned below for a review paper.,Here are the steps you need to complete for this assignment:, 1. Firstly, select a topic of Psychology that interests/intrigues you and conduct a literature review:, 2. Secondly, based on Module/Week 2 sources, search for the interesting topics/keywords., 3. Thirdly, use the ,UAB library, link to access Psych Info or Google Scholar. Search for key terms. Choose 1) only peer-reviewed articles; and 2) relatively more recent papers. Read the abstracts, shortlist the ones that suit your topic and then read those papers thoroughly. Pick minimum of 5 papers for this assignment., 4. Fourthly, identify a title; write an abstract, and the body of your paper. Make sure you cite sources when you are referring to a previous finding or study. Finally include all the references cited in the paper.,The PY215QX Literature Review research Assignment,II. Write and Submit your paper in APA format. Include:, 1. Title Page,, 2. Abstract (150- 200 words), 3. Body- Start with the Introduction. Introduce the key terms, and additionally build your topic, mention the existing literature, gaps, highlight the importance of your study (between ½ to full page double space).,4. Method- (the process of literature review you adopted, the key words you’ve used, number of results that were generated, and also why did you select the particular five papers). I am not interested in knowing about the original method section of your five papers. Your focus should be on explaining your own method as a reviewer, preparing this manuscript/term paper. (few sentences to max half page double space), 5. Discussion (Include examinations, summaries, and also critiques of the research in a cumulative way using your own words). This will be based on the five papers that you have selected. (2 pages, double space), 6. Conclusions and Suggest the next steps (few sentences), 7. and References,You must cite at least 5 research articles within your review. They must be peer-reviewed empirical studies. Also, only one paper can be a review article or meta-analysis (if relevant to your paper).,Lastly, be clear, succinct, and thorough for the formatting part, make sure to consult the various resources provided in the module or online APA resources. Make sure the title page and also the rest of the paper is formatted as per the guidelines.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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