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This is an assignment that discusses How religion affects rap music or hip-hop culture. This discussion is mostly in the colonial and mission era.,How religion affects rap music or hip-hop culture,This research addresses the impact of religion on hiphop culture in the postcolonial period. This topic was in order to understand the origin and reason for massive acceptance of popular culture. The term paper will establish whether there is any link that can be created between pop culture and specifically hiphop music and religion. Since there is a strong link between religion and colonization as portrayed by (Amos and Estrelda, 2011)., Research question: Has religion affected rap music or hiphop culture and is there any role that was played by colonization?,The paper will assess the manner in which hiphop culture was influential to or by religion. Hiphop culture is part of what is refer to as popular culture. It is mostly a culture that is transmission using literal artefacts like music and other artistic presentations. This study will specifically address the concept of colonization and its impact on ,social disintegration,. As Lidskog (2016) pointed out, in the colonial era, there are many social changes that occurred in comparison with precolonial era. As a result of colonization there is too much strain in distribution of social resources. This strain creation by colonial masters to their subjects formed well defined social stratification where the subjects identified themselves on one side and the masters on the other side.,How religion affects rap music or hip-hop culture,Social stratification and disintegration that originated from colonization left a mark even after colonization was over. These social classes which creation by colonial masters were in a bid to forge power on their subjects can be traced even today. Segregation of the poor subjects led to the formation of popular culture as an attempt by the solid majority to create an identity for themselves (Lidskog, 2016). In this paper, the focus will be given to the colonial period with reference to the development of hip-hop culture. Also, how religion formed an integral part in its development.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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