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Task1:Discussion 1 (Chapter 8): Excel is probably the most popular spreadsheet software for PCs. Why? What can we do with this package that makes it so attractive for modeling efforts?


Task2:Discussion 2 (Chapter 9): What are the common business problems addressed by Big Data analytics? In the era of Big Data, are we about to witness the end of data warehousing? Why?


Task2:provide replies to below student posts each in 100 words.

nil-Excel is the most famous spreadsheet software due to its wide range of primary capability that it presents and also due to its the availability of numerous platforms consisting of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and windows smartphone makes it easily available for everybody. And concerning modeling effort,it also affords diverse options like one can proportion his/her workbooks online and merge them with others, so that everybody can use the equal version. And, one can percentage his/her display and present it on-line thru Lync while delivering information presentations. And as primary customers can create and alter spreadsheets on the device and continue running thru another linked device too. And, charts can also be produced to illustrate information sets and statistics can clear out and sorted in line with the requirements.Excel may appear very simple and in reality even a layman can use it but it also can make complex operations easy with their functions. I believe that without excel work could have been a ways extra time eating and guide efforts could have been greater but excel has made the system easy. We can layout something in excel according to our needs along with that filters may be used and that to logics also can be applied. Various big calculations are made easy with the help of excel and I feel that those are the reasons due to which excel is so popular and as it has been in the industry for long, information concerning the application is also easily to be had which is not for the alternative competitors which make it convenient to use.
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sri-Excel is undoubtedly the most popular application for PCs since its advent up to date. The original concept of the excel has not varied a lot during these years, but it is equipped with add-ins that support multiple functionalities. Excel is also often considered as a synonym for the spreadsheet. It acts as a great tool to learn about the data and analyze it. Most businesses still use Excel to deal with the data as it provides valuable insights about the data. Although it might not offer a precise solution for the data problems, it remains to be an affordable tool, particularly for analytics (“Why Excel is Still Essential to Data Analytics,” 2020).

Excel can be best used to represent the two-dimensional data in tables that can be easily formatted and edited to suit the needs. Also, it has built-in tables, filters, window splitting, and mathematical formulas. It provides advanced analysis possibilities like the built-in SQL database engine that can execute SQL queries on tables and live datasets and the power query editor, which helps to collect data from various data sources, even including Azure cloud and Hadoop (Moeschlin, 2018). While working with the complex data fields, Excel allows customizing the fields and functions that make calculations easier. Even with more massive data sets, segmented data could be analyzed more attentively and visualized without using the software. Software, on the other hand, is way too rigid and doesn’t let us understand each line of business as Excel does. Many business organizations use Excel to import the data sets and to create the data models. The data model feature in Excel helps to integrate data from multiple tables by building relationships based on a common column. It then enables extensive analysis using PivotTables, Power Pivot, and Power View.

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