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This is a paper that focuses on the research questions for addressing social phenomena and community needs. The paper also requires differentiation of two methods of research.,Research questions for addressing social phenomena and community needs,For this course there are two final projects or comprehensive assessments. The second project for this course is the creation of a research proposal. Research is, integral in the field of social sciences no matter which discipline is being studied. Not only may professionals conduct research, but they may also analyze and, apply research to address specific problems or needs. It is therefore vital that they possess the basic skills to do so in a professional, ethical manner.,The final project encapsulates many of the practices that researchers encounter in their educational or professional careers, as students will not only be, conducting research, but also creating a research proposal. Although a granting institution or employer generally guides research proposals, the question and, proposed conclusions for this project will be entirely your choice. At the end of this assignment, you will have a tangible example of how to set up, process, and, complete a professional-level research proposal. Writing and communicating research translates to a broader context outside of this classroom, as employers, and graduate schools alike enjoy seeing students capable of synthesizing large amounts of data into applicable, well-argued research statements.,Research questions for addressing social phenomena and community needs,You will base your research on a community problem or need of your choice, which calls for your unique experiences and research interests. You will create a, research proposal in which you use the research from your literature review to inform the pieces of your research proposal.,The project is divided into one milestone, which will be submitted to scaffold learning and ensure a final, quality submission.,In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:, Firstly, develop research questions for addressing social phenomena, systems of practices and beliefs, and community needs, Secondly, differentiate between ,quantitative and qualitative methods, for their appropriateness in addressing research questions, Thirdly, discuss the ethical considerations in developing research proposals, considering research interests and career goals in the social sciences, Lastly, analyze research proposals for their feasibility in implementation and their ability to satisfy professional requirements,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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