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Journal Entry – Chapter 3Chapter 3: Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution – Chapter 3 – Journal EntryDo not copy answers directly from the book or cut and paste from a site on the web.Using **any** kind of Wiki, including Wikipedia, is not appropriate.Please do your own work, in your own words, and use proper grammar and spelling, too.Upload your journal entry using Word to the drop box. If you are having trouble using the dropbox feature, please refer to the instructions under course home.ÿCOURTS AND ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (page 93)Stan Garner resides in Illinois and promotes boxing matches for SuperSports, Inc., an Illinois corporation.ÿ Garner created the concept of ?Ages? promotion?a three-fight series of boxing matches pitting an older fighter (George Foreman) against a younger fighter, such as John Ruiz or Riddick Bowe.ÿ The concept included titles for each of the three fights (?Challenge of the Ages,? ?Battle of the Ages,? and ?Fight of the Ages?), as well as promotional epithets to characterize the two fighters (?the Foreman Factor?).ÿÿ Garner contacted George Foreman and his manager, who both reside in Texas, to sell the idea, and they arranged a meeting at Caesar?s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.ÿ At some point in the negotiations, Foreman?s manager signed a nondisclosure agreement prohibiting him from disclosing Garner?s promotional concepts unless the parties signed a contract.ÿÿ Nevertheless, after negotiations between Garner and Foreman fell through, Foreman used Garner?s ?Battle of the Ages? concept to promote a subsequent fight.ÿ Garner filed suit against Foreman and his manager in a federal district court located in Illinois, alleging breach of contract. Ask your students to answer the following questions, using the information presented in the chapter.Answer the following questions:1. ÿOn what basis might the federal district court in Illinois exercise jurisdiction in this case?2. ÿDoes the federal district court have original or appellate jurisdiction?3. ÿSuppose that Garner had filed his action in an Illinois state court. ÿCould an Illinois state court exercise personal jurisdiction over Foreman or his manager? ÿWhy or why not?4. ÿAssume that Garner had filed his action in a Nevada state court. Would that court have personal jurisdiction over Foreman or his manager? ÿExplain.FOR 2 POINTS OF EXTRA CREDIT, ANSWER:In this age of the Internet, when people communicate via e-mail, tweets, Facebook, and Skype, is the concept of jurisdiction losing its meaning?

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