Show Your Work And Explain Your Reasoning In Detail 1 Balance The Following Che

show your work and explain your reasoning in detail1-) Balance the following chemical equations.a. Ni + O2  Ni2O3b. F2 + HBr  Br2 + HF2-) ] A solution has a hydronium-ion concentration of 1.0 x 10-5 mol per liter. What is the pH of this solution? Is this solution acidic or basic? What is the hydroxide-ion concentration of this solution? 3-) A 50 newton horizontal force pushes a 10 kg mass sitting on a horizontal surface. Additionally, the horizontal surface exerts a 25 newton frictional force on the mass. What is the acceleration of the mass?4-) A water wave oscillates up and down three times each second. The distance between wave crests is 2 m.a. What is its frequency?b. What is its wavelength?c. What is its speed of this wave?5-) Assume that a 6 volt energy source is in a circuit that has a resistance of 10 ohms. Determine the current and power. Provide numerical values and units.

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