Should Texas require some or all vaccines of schoolchildren?

Introduction and recent history of the issue –A description of the issue and a recent (within last•The guided essay has four components:
The people affected by the issue (stakeholders)—Think broadly and identify at least 4 categories of stakeholders. For example, if you were writing on immigration, some stakeholders would include employers, taxpayers, immigrant parents of children born in the United States,•10-15 years) history of important events.
people on the waiting list to be citizens.
An assessment of both sides of the issue (pros and cons)—No policy is simple and each position•
has drawbacks and benefits.
Your opinion on the issue.—Why do you favor one side or the other? What values are most•
important to you?
For this assignment, you will also need to perform some research (8-10 articles in addition to the starter articles listed below). Dont forget the list of helpful websites in the Module on Student Recourses. Its a good place to start. And remember, Wikipedia and Ballotopedia are not credible sources, but footnotes may lead you to other appropriate sources.
Specifications: 1500-2000 words, source list (dont forget your book if you used it), uploaded as one file. Remember to support your writing with references to the articles.
Grading: 60% content 20% research 10% organization 10% grammar, spelling, proofreading

Some states, including Texas, allow exemptions from certain vaccinations based on non-medical reasons, usually religious or personal conscience reasons. In recent years, however, some Texas legislators have become worried about how this individual choice might affect the state as a whole. Bills have been filed for the legislature to consider in the next session. Should Texas require some or all vaccines of schoolchildren? Write an essay on this subject using the guidelines above.