Sell A Product Dvd Labels Workout Programs Or Gear Or Chapter 1 Assignment Follo

Sell a product DVD labels, workout programs or gear, or Chapter 1 Assignment Follow steps 1-6 to complete a plan for developing your website. 1. Identify which type of website you will design ersonal, organizational/topical, or commercial. write a brief paragraph describing the website’s overall purpose and its targeted audience. Create a name for your website. 2. List at least three general goals for your website. You will fine-tune these goals into a mission statement in a subsequent chapter. 3. List elements in addition to text photos, music, animation, and so forth that you could include on your website to support your general goals. 4. Identify the design tools you expect to use to develop your website. 5. Identify an available domain name and URL for your website. Research to make sur it is available. 6. Submit your findings in the format requested by your instructor. Be prepared to discuss your plan with the class.

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