Scenario You Are A Mid Level Manager For A Large Accounting Firm Your Task Is To

Scenario: You are a mid-level manager for a large accounting firm. Your task is to hire 20 new employees. Prior to execution, you must address the following items:


Take a screen shot of the completed Learning Activity and paste it into the top of the Assignment document.

Report to the district manager: Your plan to work through the hiring process to ensure compliance with local, state, and Federal regulations on Equal Opportunity in the workplace.

Your report should be in the form of a one-page memo/document that discusses the regulations, listing three (3) of the regulations prohibiting employment discrimination and how they will apply to your hiring process.

View the grading rubric for details and instructions.

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment

There are two items to be submitted for this assignment: (1) A screen shot of the completed Learning Activity, and (2) the one-page memo report.

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