Roller Buggy Section 1 The Product That Our Group Is Assigned To Developing A Im


it is a group project and there is multiple sections we have to done it for this project and we are already done from 4 sections in the attached you will see what is product that we are working in and also u will  see the sections we done.

so i am required to do the section 5 so i need help in this sections, and it is not need to be more than 3 paragraph 

and here is what the section 5 it should be about :

Section #5 : Communications Objectives & Budget RequestWhat are the objectives of our campaign as they relate to brand awareness, knowledge and interest, favorable attitudes and image, and purchase intentions? We recommend working with one of the response hierarchies as the basis for the communications objectives. How much money do we need to spend to achieve our campaign objectives? What budgeting method will be employed? (The budget number at this point is a single aggregate figure, not broken down by individual promotion program element.)How will the monies be allocated? (How much goes to traditional advertising, sales promotions, new media, etc?)

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