role of health preofessional

Read the article in the required reading “The Medicine Shoppe v. Loretta Lynch, et al.. Pharmacists and prescribing physicians are equally liable” as well as the Pharmacists Code of Ethics at the following link:

Discuss the following:

1. Identify and discuss the duties and responsibilities of a pharmacist toward a patient.

2. Provide the details of the assigned case. Based upon your research and assessment of the case, did the pharmacist perform the required duties and uphold patient rights??

3. Is the pharmacy at fault? Why or why not??

4. What impact can a pharmacist’s actions have on patients and community?? Consider the current opioid crisis facing our nation in your answer; cite reliable sources in your discussion.

5. What precautions can be taken to ensure these types of incidents by allied professionals don’t happen to other’s? Should there be more regulations in place?? Support your discussion with reliable sources.

Length 3page paper , using headings to correspond with each question in the assignment.

Assignment Expectations

Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support your writing.This should be an opinion piece, but an analysis.

Avoid the use of first person in the paper

Limit response to a maximum 3-5 pages

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