Rich Purchased Two Different Commercially Available Primary Polyclonal Antibodie

Dr. Rich purchased two different commercially available primary polyclonal antibodies to a newlycharacterized microtubule motor protein kinesin Z. The immunogen used was full length kinesin Z purified frombovine brain. Both were generated in rabbit. He observed the following staining pattern followingimmunofluorescence staining of fibroblasts. Ignore the identical cell shapes, these are images from differentstained coverslips. Also, images are shown in negative contrast; White= black; black/grey = green emittedfluorescence from the fluorescein coupled goat anti-rabbit secondary antibody. Cell and nuclear perimeters areindicated by dotted lines; perimeters were determined by phase contrast imaging of the same cells. Phasecontrast imaging also verified that the large organelle positively stained with antibody 2 is the nucleus—whichwas also present (by phase) in the cells stained with antibody 1.Give two possible explanations in a phrase/sentence or two (there are several possibilities) for thedifference in immunostaining observed with the two different anti kinesin-Z antibodies.

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