Review Test Directions Place A Comma Or Commas Where Needed In The Sentences Tha


  • Place a comma or commas where needed in the sentences that follow. Please circle any that may be optional.
  • 1.In the meantime he was discharged to his home.
  • 2.She is scheduled to be seen again on February 3 at 10:30 a.m.
  • 3.Laralyn Abbott the trauma team nurse issued a code blue.
  • 4.Your patient Salvador Rodriquez was readmitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of cholecystitis pancreatitis and mild gastritis.
  • 5.As demonstrated earlier chemotherapy had little effect on the rate of tumor growth.
  • 6.In 20XX 461 cases were reviewed by the Tumor Board.
  • 7.Soon after he got up and discharged himself from the hospital.
  • 8.Dr Powell not Dr Franklyn delivered the infant.
  • 9.After three surgeries are not scheduled.
  • 10.I would like her to be and she probably will be a candidate for heart surgery.
  • 11.She is a spastic developmentally delayed child.
  • 12.He had crystal clear urine.
  • 13.It has been a pleasure Winton to help you take care of Mr Ibarra.
  • 14.She required trifocal not bifocal lenses at this time.
  • 15.Dr Chriswell was having difficulty dictating; however, after the equipment was adjusted she was able to finish her reports.
  • 16.He was indeed concerned about her progress.
  • 17.Even though he was experiencing difficulty breathing we decided not to perform a tracheotomy.
  • 18.The patient was placed in four-point restraints and gastric lavage was carried out.
  • 19.The surgery was completed in 2 hours 40 minutes.
  • 20.The infant demonstrated normal reflexes of suck root and startle.

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