Read the Florida Nurse Practice Act sections 464.001 .002 .003 .016 .017 &amp .018 and also the Rules of the Board of Nursing sections 64B9-1.001 5.001 5.002 5.003 5.009 5.010 5.011 5.012 8.003


8.0045. 8.005 8.006 (scan only 8.006) 9.0029-12 9-14 9-15.002 all found at:
Florida Nurse Practice Act:
Board of Nursing 64B9:
The RN is taking care of an 86 year old patient 10 days post a 5 vessel bypass. The patients fluid balance has been precarious with frequent bouts of congestive heart failure and third spacing of fluids. Today the nurse obtains a BP of 72/40 and starts a bolus of normal saline at 150 mL per hour. The nurse has not tried to contact the physician and there are no standing orders to cover his other actions. Is the RN within his or her scope of practice as set forth in the Florida Nurse Practice Act? In particular section 464.003 (2).
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