Question I Need Help With Two Discussion Questions Please The Poem Is Virgil S A


I need help with two discussion questions please

The poem is Virgil’s Aeneid.

1st discussion is 


How are leaders represented in the poem?  Which characters are kings, rulers, or leaders of men or gods?  How do they behave?  What qualities do they demonstrate?  How do these qualities compare to what we look for and expect of leaders in our workplaces, our communities, or our nation?

2nd discussion is 

Loyalty and Promises

How are oaths, promises, or general loyalty treated in this poem?  Are certain oaths treated as “more” or “less” important than others?  Are the characters “honorable”?  How does this compare to how loyalty, honesty, integrity, and giving one’s word are treated in America today?

Running head: VIRGIL’S AENEID 1 Virgil’s AeneidStudent’s NameInstitution VIRGIL’S AENEID 2 Virgil’s AeneidLeadershipAeneas is the main character in the poem. He is the leader of the people…

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