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“Evidence-based practice is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values.” (American Speech-Language Hearing Association, 2017) Main three components of EBP are: (a) clinical expertise/expert opinion, (b) external scientific evidence, and (c) client/patient/caregiver values to provide high-quality services reflecting the interests, values, needs, and choices of the individuals we serve.

In today’s increasingly complex health care environment, it is rapidly become essential to understand health care system at local level to effectively manage both internal knowledge and externally generated knowledge in order to provide the best possible healthcare, achieve operational excellence, and foster innovation. As we work with the healthcare team, we need to know about hospital systems, types of care, and the roles of each member of the healthcare team to deliver best patient care. Understanding local health care system is crucial to assess health needs, priorities of patient population, to best utilize available resources in efficient way and to monitor effectiveness of EBP. When planning an EBP implementation knowledge about local health system can facilitate decision-making process and can stimulate positive change and innovation.

In Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno at acute care floor supervisor also known as nursing leader play vital role. Supervisor educate and encourage floor nurses to learn and follow more about EBP. “The value of evidence-based practice must be evident through the behaviors of nursing leadership. Action steps for building a culture that values evidence-based practice can be included in the departmental strategic plan. Discussion during committee meetings can stimulate interest in and use of evidence-based practice; including an evidence-based practice item on each agenda is a key strategy.” (Huber, D, 2014)

As in our capstone project we are focusing on learning more about pressure ulcer, reasons of PU and nursing practice that prevent development of pressure ulcer. We learn several interesting, simple and inexpensive ways to prevent pressure ulcer such importance vigilant skin assessment during admission time. Taking pictures of suspecting skin breakdown area for treatment and future comparison purpose. Providing waffle mattress to all high risk skin breakdown patients. Waffle mattress also recommended for pain management. Waffle mattress increase comfort, help to reduce constant pressure on bony prominence of the body. Waffle mattress can be used for all patient who are at risk for skin breakdown. Such as patient with malnutrition, insignificant weight loss, bowel and bladder incontinence, edema, immobility, neurologic impairment, alter mental status including with delirium and dementia. There is no contraindication for use of waffle mattress. Waffle mattress is cost effective as compare to first step mattress and other beds use to prevent pressure ulcer. Evidence based practice also support that waffle mattress is more beneficial to prevent and treat skin breakdown.