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This is an assignment that focuses on outlining three major issues facing the PESTEL model. The paper also requires additional readings to understand the PESTEL model.,Outlining three major issues facing the PESTEL model,This project is broken up into pieces, or “Parts”, and is based on the basic strategic planning process commonly found in most organizations.   However, while the nature of the project work itself will walk the student through observation, decision-making, change design, implementation, etc., the focus of the response from the student should be on the actions of the leader during each stage., WRITING ASSIGNMENT #1,1.     Perform basic INDUSTRY research for the ENTIRE industry you have been assigned (not just the strategic group) and look for issues by following the PESTEL model’s major categories. Outline at least 3 major issues for EACH of the PESTEL(Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environment Legal model analysis) categories that affect the entire industry.  Read what the textbook has to say about the PESTEL model and what types of things go into each category.  You can also find examples online by just Googling “PESTEL Example” and reading some of the pages that show up.  There is a great page at that should give you some good ideas.).,2.     Perform additional basic INDUSTRY analysis for the industry again, but this time use “,Porter’s Five Forces,” model.  Identify at least 2 major issues for EACH of the forces in the model.  (NOTE:  Again, this is an INDUSTRY analysis, not a company analysis.),Outlining three major issues facing the PESTEL model,Using this information, create a list of Opportunities and Threats (numbered O1, O2, O3, etc. and T1, T2, T3, etc.) that would apply to the majority of the companies in your firm’s industry., 1.     Opportunities and Threats ALWAYS meet the following criteria:, a.      They represent phenomena or trends that currently exist and are not hypothetical future problems unless there is strong and sufficient evidence that suggests that the phenomena will PROBABLY exist (and your evidence must be clear and strong, with solid sources to back it up).,b.     They represent phenomena or trends, not actions that a company or the industry might do about them (again, this is an automatic show-stopper). Read each one aloud and ask yourself if you are saying that a company can do something. If yes, then I stop grading here. If no, then probably okay., c.      They apply to all or most of the industry and not just one or only a few companies., d.     They are not under the control or direct influence of only one or a few companies.

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