As for now you have to redo Chapter 4 (Part III. KMO and Bartlett’s Tests) and adjust your Dissertation according to the revise Ch4.Please check all comments from the client and do all necessary changes:

I sent the last dissertation since it is really confusing, the comment from it is only very small part of the problem, please help to review the whole dissertation.

Please be reminded that the format of the dissertation has strictly followed my handbook sent to your company, which in the APA format for the citation and reference list.
Please be informed that the messy mainly start from part III of chapter IV, there is only 10 questions in part II of the questionnaire, how to check 11 questions and suddenly only 9 questions input to SPSS, it is completely error without clearly explained.

I try to key in part II’s questions into the SPSS for reliability analysis, the result is completely messy and different from table 3, and the Cronbach’s alpha is not acceptable.

There are two parts of questions in the questionnaire, if we use the collected data for analysis, why only part II conduct reliability test, part III should conduct reliability too?

There are 4 factory found by eigen values as show in table 4.1, why different factor loading grouped in one factor in table 4.3? There is totally wrong in factor analysis, the table about about factory analysis of psychological impacts agents in table 4.3 is completely wrong.

How to get table 4.4, there is no explain on this? it should not suddenly generated?

How could the previously found 4 factors suddenly change to 6 in table 5 and table 6? And all data in table 5 and 6 are different from collected data, where is the data come from?

How to generate the table 7, Test of Cronbach’s Alpha, how to get the variables? And why the numbers of items suddenly change to 16?

How to generate table 8? Where is the data come from?

Hope that all messy could be cleared in Chapter 4 not only what I found, there may be other error I could not found.

The correction may lead to other parts of dissertation has error, please correct them as well.

A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of Graduate School