project management assignment 2 7

Project Charter

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:

  • Develop the project charter.

Course Outcome:

IT401-2: Create project artifacts to effectively establish project management triple constraints.


For this Assignment, you will create a project charter using the Garage Apartment project case.

Assignment Instructions

Review the Garage Apartment Project case. The Garage Apartment Project covers building a two-car garage with an apartment/office on the second floor on your existing lot in accordance with applicable building codes. Use the Project Charter Template to define the purpose, justification, assumptions, constraints, milestone schedule and budget, risks, and deliverables for the project. Use the information in the case to frame the project.

Assignment Requirements

The assignment should be completed in MS Word using the Project Charter Template. Complete all the sections to represent the charter for the Garage Apartment Project.

  1. Write a comprehensive and understandable statement of the overall project justification and description
  2. State specific management objectives for the project in scope, time, cost, quality, and risk
  3. Develop a description of known assumptions.
  4. Develop a description of known constraints.
  5. Specify an expected completion time and high-level budget
  6. Specify the primary external stakeholder roles/responsibilities.

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