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This is a paper that is focusing on the explore a theme of a Chinese literature literary works. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.,Explore a theme of a Chinese literature literary works,Explore a theme of Chinese literature. Clear focus and well-defined theme supported by sufficient evidence for literary works. Present personal view and observation on literary work. Create a comparison with a Western literary work and its underlined value is welcome. Organize comparison so that it takes reader step by step to conclusion. When using ideas from others, put a footnote to indicate the sources.  Blend ideology with literary work to create a cohesive essay. Read Paper guideline and also presentation carefully. Also will include Sample paper to give an idea of how the paper should be written. Please how these 3 documents carefully.,Some themes: -Compare 2 couples bound in life and death in Eastern & Western Culture; -Qing vs LI in late ming dynasty; –,anti-feminism, in traditional Chinese stories;, The literature used in this class: Traditional Chinese Stories: Themes and Variations, Y.W. Ma & Joseph S.M. Lau;   Selected Stories of Lu Hsun, Lu Hsun, Chinese Ideology covered: Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Mo-ism, Legalism, Knight-Errantry, Communism,Explore a theme of a Chinese literature literary works,The followings are some suggested topics for this essay, though you are free to choose your own topics.  Best papers often do not follow my suggested topics and also they amaze me with their striking originality:, 1.         Firstly, Honorable Suicide as a Means of Self Redemption in Chinese Literature, 2.         Secondly, Chinese Knight-errant vs. Western Knight, 3.         Thirdly, use one to three works by Wang Wei or Tao Qian to discuss Buddhist or Taoist concept of self in relation to society, 4.         Fourthly, Anti-feminism (or misogyny) in some traditional Chinese stories., 5.         Additionally, discuss self-society conflict or the authors’ dual allegiance both to self and society in one or several stories, such as “The Story of Ying-ying,” “The Pearl Shirt Reencountered” and also the tale of the White Snake Lady.,6.         Compare the two couples bound in life and also death in Eastern and Western literature, 7.         Use stories that we have read to compare Chinese and Western attitudes to love, sex or marriage., 8.         The Use of Literature as a Patriarchal Vehicle for Cultivating Feminine Virtues as Seen in Chinese Stories, 9.         Compare Ju Dou and Hester (in The Scarlet Letter): different fates of adulteresses in Eastern and also Western literature, 10.       Qing (love) vs. Li (propriety) in Late Ming Chinese Stories,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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