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This is a paper that is focusing on the Discuss the seven major functions of any business positions. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.,Discuss the seven major functions of any business positions,We have discussed the seven major functions of any business – Purchasing, ,Human Resources,, Production, Sales, Marketing, Shipping/Receiving and Finance.  We addressed the purpose of each of these functional areas within a business and identified a few of the positions within each functional area and their respective responsibilities in contributing to the major objective of each functional area. Additionally, we touched upon the metrics that may be used to measure the effectiveness of each of the roles played within each functional area.  Also, we discussed the information [i.e. reports] and data that they need to perform their roles effectively.,You will have to perform the following:, 1.       Analyze Shoe-Love Inc. in detail using the seven major functions of the business discussed in class.  You may need to make assumptions and do research as all the information is not included in the case study.  Discuss with your instructor., 2.       FOR EACH FUNCTIONAL AREA, you will;,a.       Identify at least 3 positions [i.e. Sales Manager] that play roles [21 positions] – include 2 -3 sentences to describe the position, b.      Identify at least 3 roles each position fills [i.e. Sales Forecasts] [63 roles] – include 1 – 2 sentences to describe the role, c.       Identify at least 1 document [i.e. purchase order] for each of the positions you identified in part a, and identify the purpose of each document that assists that position in fulfilling its roles [21 documents]. You can take a screen capture of the document and describe it using 1 -2 sentences,d.      Next, identify at least 3 data elements for the document for the position you chose that you feel are needed in the performance of one of the roles. [3 data elements x 1 document x 3 positions of a functional area = 63 pieces of data in total]. NOTE: If you used a screen capture of the document you don’t have to list 3 data elements., e.       Identify how each position will be measured [i.e. the metrics, KPI’s] in the performance of their roles; at least 1 metric per position [21 position metrics] include 1 – 2 sentences to describe the metric, f.        Identify how each functional area interacts with other functional areas and the information one functional area needs to perform their roles [7 functional areas x interaction with the other 6 = 42] include 1 – 2 sentences to describe the interaction,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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