Please Revise These Questions Revising Messages Concisness Condense These Senten

Please revise these questionsRevising Messages: Concisness Condense these sentences to as few words as possible.a. We are of the conviction that writing is important.b. In all probablity, we’re likely to have a price increase. c. Our goals include making a determination about that in the near future.d. When all is said and done at the conclusion of this experiment, I’d like to summarize the final windup.e. After a trial period of three weeks, during which time she worked for a total of 15 full working days, we found her work was sufficintly satisfactory so that we offered her full time work. Revising Messages: Parallelism Present the ideas in these sentences in parallel form.a. Mr. Hill is expected to lecture three days a week, to counsel two days a week, and must write for publication in his spare time.b. She knows not only accounting, but she also reads latin.c. Both applicants had families, college degrees, and were in their thirties, with considerable accounting experience but few social connections.d. This book was exciting, well written, and held my intrest.e. Don is both a hard worker and he knows bookkeeping.

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