Please Read Kimmel S Bros Before Hos The Guy Code And Answer The Following Quest

Please read Kimmel’s “Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code,” and answer the following questions (as a word doc) Use two or more direct quotes in your responses (make sure to properly cite them with page numbers). Double space your responses.1) What is “the Guy Code” according to Kimmel?2) What is Kimmel’s argument? What evidence does he use to support it?3) Is his argument persuasive? If so, how? 4) How does Diaz’ narrator in “how to Date a Browngirl…” conform to the “Guy Code”? Are there ways that he rejects it? If so, how? 5) Write about your experience with “the Guy Code.” As you write, critique Kimmel’s perspective. In what way’s is his theory true? What aspects do you find to be not entirely true?Attachments area

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