Please Provide All Calculations In An Excel File Please Also See The Spreadsheet

Please provide all calculations in an Excel file. Please also see the spreadsheet to assist in solving this problem, located here:

The average and standard deviation of inter-arrival time for cars arriving at a toll-gate on a freeway is 36 seconds. The current average and standard deviation of pass through time is 20 seconds per car. Since drivers are complaining of the long waiting time, the authorities are willing to speed up the passing time through the gate to be a constant of 15 seconds per car by installing an automatic device. However, the committee which oversees the highway projects will only sanction the amount to purchase the new device if and only if:

  • the average number of customers in the system decreases by at least 1.00; AND
  • the average cycle time in queue decreases by at least 15 seconds.

Help the highway authorities decide whether the new device is justified. The appropriate worksheet for this problem is “1 cap unit.”

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