Reflection structure:
Introduction 300 words
o Our case is dementia
o Introduction between the group members (1 Nursing, 3 Physiotherapy, 2 Pharmacy, 2 Medical Imaging, 2 Occupational Therapy) (see the sample answer)
o Two types of Inter-Professional Education program (face to face and fully online) I took the online one.
Essential Features of a Good Educational Team 200 words
o What is the features that create good educational team?
Inter-Professional Education Experience (three weeks) 500 words
First week: we did the following things
1. We Introduced our yourself to other team members
2. We discussed what made this team work (each member must understand his role – support each other)
3. We discussed how could we apply these reflections to assist future clients/ patients?
4. We discuss how interprofessional care planning using the ICF may improve safety and other aspects of care for clients and their families (The primary health care teams work with patients, families and communities with the aim of achieving the health goals of the patient or the population. The interproffesional care planning is very essential for any organization or health care facilities. To ensure proper functioning and operation of the team, the team’s purpose, goals and objectives need to be clearly understood and agreed upon by all the members of the team. Interprofessional care planning assists during planning, deciding and making agreements on these objectives before the execution of the processes. It is also very significant as it enables a consistent and considerable communication between the health team members and the patients)
5. We identify the key problems in the communication between (1) the two nursing staff during handover and (2) the nurse and patient.
6. We recommend ways that staff communication with patient could be improved and we describe how these recommendations will support (1) a client-centered approach and (2) safety and quality of the care provided.

Second week: we did the following things
1. We evaluation of the handover process as it relates to the Isobar structure and we identified the common errors that have been made
2. We also identified the common issues that have been made when the patient had the meal and we evaluate some procedures that should be put in place to ensure patient’s safety during meal times

Third week: we did the following things
1. We discuss the role of many organization that assist the patient when discharged from the hospitals.
Collaboration 300 words
o What is theInter-professionals collaboration
o The value of Inter-professionals collaboration
Personal reflection 200 words (talk about that things we learned from Inter-Professional Education Experience)
o I have increased my knowledge about the Inter-professional Education
o Inter-interpersonal skills are necessary
Conclusion 200 words
o Summarise the key point of the reflection

First week:
Just as introduction between the group members (see the sample answer)
Second week about