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Please read the following articles and write a 1-page essay explaining the signs and symptoms that might indicate a pregnant patient’s nonadherence to recommended lifestyle changes related to alcohol use..,Explain the impact of nonadherence to these lifestyle recommendations on the fetus and the patient.,Then, explain treatment and management strategies for patients presenting with signs and symptoms resulting from their nonadherence.,Articles:,•Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2011). During pregnancy. Retrieved from ,,during.html,•U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2009a). Reducing alcohol-exposed pregnancies: A report of the National Task Force on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effect. Retrieved from ,,fasd/documents/redalcohpreg.,pdf,Answer,After identifying various potential health risks for different pregnant patients, providers usually recommend behavioral variations in lifestyle choices and, in particular, those that regard the use of alcohol. When regarding the medical nonadherence, it can be said to be a form of dosage that is failed to be taken in the right manner. Due to that fact the patient outcomes may a most cases be not rhyming the doctors preferred outcomes. One of the weaknesses that can be noted is whereby the patient becomes weak despite being in medication. Due to that fact the nurse or any other given medical personnel may argue that the patient is not following the dosage in the right manner (Bernstein, 2012)., Another symptom is that the baby may not be growing in the correct way since the mother have failed to take the right route of ensuring that she desists from taking a beer. When there is no change of the symptoms that are related to alcoholic among pregnant women, then it becomes a clear guidance that the patient is not following the nurses medication. To ensure that the baby is protected from harms, that may result from the traces of alcohol while still developing. Another factor that may be used to determine the nonadherence is the presence of other symptoms that are associated with pregnancies and alcoholic problems (Preedy & Watson, 2005)., To sum it all, nurses usually use various means to ensure that different mothers who are expectant whether they have failed to take drugs as required. Another method is the use of physical methods that are used to ensure that patients respond positively concerning various forms of nonadherence that are associated with pregnancy in women, ,References,Bernstein, D. (2012). ,A Practical Approach to the Spectrum of Alcoholic Liver Disease, An Issue of Clinics in Liver Disease., Boston: Elsevier Health Sciences.,Preedy, V. R., & Watson, R. R. (2005). ,Comprehensive handbook of alcohol related pathology, Volume 2., Michigan: Elsevier Academic., ,.,

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