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You are Lee Gates, Property Manager of Downer Woods, which is a three-story multi-use building. The first floor is rented to businesses, and the two floors above are for residential use. Due to the close proximity to the university, undergraduate and graduate students rent apartments in the building, which is currently at full capacity.ÿÿThe competitive job environment has promoted more students to be serious about their studies, and they need extended quiet study times when they are not on campus.ÿAs the manager of Downer Woods, you must respond to one of the tenants, Charles Jordan, who is enrolled in a challenging program at the university. Mr. Jordan has begged you to evict one of the tenants who plays loud music throughout the day, interfering with Mr. Jordan?s concentration when he is studying. The noisy tenant, Wilson Brady, operates an entertainment booking agency and spends long hours in his office. He often works at the times that Charles Jordan wants to study.You know that you can?t evict Mr. Brady. As a legal, commercial tenant, he is entitled to conduct his business to allow him to succeed. As an alternative to eviction, you might consider moving him to a vacant office away from Mr. Jordan?s apartment. Another possibility is to add soundproofing, an expense that you would prefer to share with Mr. Brady. You might also discuss limiting the time of day for noisemaking, although he is not violating a sound ordinance. When you searched the Internet for information about eviction, you learned that you have very few options. However, Mr. Jordan is a reliable tenant who pays his rent on time; he is respectful of the property; and, he contributes to a positive learning environment for his neighbors at Downer Woods.Your TaskUsing principles of communicating negative news, write a one-page letter in the full-block letter style with company letterhead to Mr. Jordan denying his request to evict Mr. Brady. Explain how you plan to resolve the problem and demonstrate goodwill.Address your letter to: Mr. Charles Jordan/2134 E. Edgewood Avenue/Apt. 208/Milwaukee, WI 53211ÿThe property rental company that you work for is: Lake Michigan Realty/7689 N. OaklandÿAvenue/Milwaukee, WI 53202. Include this information, along with a telephone number and website address, in the company letterhead.

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