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This is an assignment that discusses the preparation of a retirement plan using future needs estimates. The paper also requires explaining your findings in your chosen plan.,Preparation of a retirement plan using future needs estimates,Prepare a retirement plan, using estimates of future needs and income for yourself and/or your family (or for another, real family – no hypothetical people).   If you have a spouse/partner, plan for the life span of both of you., Your project will comprise of 3 sections:  the Retirement Plan itself, a Discussion Section, and a Question Section.  Please use headings to help organize your paper.  You need to include all of the sections to get full credit on this project.,1.      Dr. Walden’s 8-Step Retirement Plan, Firstly, base your analysis on ,Dr. Michael Walden’s 8-step plan, detailed below.  Personalize the steps to match your situation, but make sure you include every step (even if your answer for a particular step is 0).  Explain the findings in your plan, and explain why you used the numbers and assumptions that you did.  Talk me through the process you followed as you created your plan: I did this, and found out this, and this was exciting because ____, etc.,2.      Discussion Section, Secondly, discuss retirement issues that have been present through class notes or readings.  Please reference and cite at least 3 of the assigned readings in the course that relate to this project.  In addition, you may research and cite other articles, but this is not necessary.  If citing course readings, an in-paper citation is sufficient (I know where those articles are coming from).  If you reference anything else, please provide a bibliography page., A major portion of your paper should be spent discussing relevant issues, and how they will affect your retirement decisions.  I am looking for original thought here, evidence that you have thought about these issues and how they will impact your life.,3.      Question Section,Thirdly, address the following questions (with headings) for the person on whom the project is complete.  Use the question itself as the heading.  Major thought should be put in to each question, and your answers for each question should be a minimum of one paragraph (2-3 sentences).  If you are doing the project on yourself, answer the questions yourself; if you are doing the project on someone else, ask them and then answer the questions from their perspective., How will planning for retirement affect your future?, What impact will your personal retirement planning have on your immediate family?, Also, what impact will your personal retirement planning have on society?, Lastly, what impact would there be on the economy if every American had and implemented a retirement plan?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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