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This is a paper that focuses on the Old Testament tie with history and literacy background. The paper also requires choosing of one option from the several options.,Old Testament tie with history and literacy background,This project allows you to tie together the Old Testament text, history, theology, historical, and literary background, while contextualizing what you have learned from the ancient Jewish writing and connect them to a modern audience. Choose from one of the four options below. Your choice should be based on what you feel would be of the greatest benefit for your particular area of ministry context or interest. Each of the options requires scholarly research. Although some of the questions below seem to be asking about your personal opinion, your answers should be built upon quality research. Please use headings within your project to identify each of the questions.,Chose from one of the following options:,First: Genesis 1-11, 1. Firstly, how does the Genesis creation account vary from the Mesopotamian account?, 2. Secondly, how would you explain creatio ex nihilo, and what does this say about the person of God? 3. Why do you think that God ordered the creation by days?, 4. Thirdly, how does the story of Noah and the flood compare with the ,Gilgamesh Epic,?, 5. Also, what is the spiritual lesson to be learned from the story of the tower of Babel?, 6. Lastly, how can you contextualize this information to be used in a ministry situation today?,Second: Joshua, 1. Firstly, what similarities are there between how God prepared leaders in Joshua’s time and how he prepares leaders today?, 2. Secondly, why did God challenge Joshua after Moses died?, 3. Thirdly, identify a Christian leader today who seems to have been faithful as Joshua? Describe how this leader is faithful as Joshua was. What are their similarities and do you see any significant differences?, 4. Fourthly, how important is archaeological evidence to establishing the historicity of the book of Joshua?, 5. Also. what illustrations can you give from your life experiences that demonstrate God’s faithfulness to his promises?, 6. Lastly, how can you contextualize this information to be used in a ministry situation today?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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