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For this Assignment, download and read the “LS312_Unit2_FamilyBusiness.pdf” file from Course Resources, Course Documents.

3-page analysis that incorporates ethical and legal concepts learned in this unit. Your paper should answer the questions below:


  • Who are the stakeholders in this case?
  • What are the interests of the stakeholders?

Legal Analysis

  • any of the labor or employment laws from the Digital Book apply to this case? Perform research on the laws that may apply, and be sure to cite to an authoritative source.
  • If they apply, analyze the legality of the corporation’s actions in this case.
  • If the laws do not apply to the actions in this case, explain why they do not apply.

Conclusion and Ethical Recommendation

  • How should the decision-maker proceed? Use an ethical theory that you have studied to determine an ethical course of action for the decision-maker.
  • Your recommendation should be at least paragraphs and include at least three reasons, with specific references to authoritative sources, stating how you arrived at that conclusion.

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