Outline the principles and processes of strategic management

  1. Describe how attitudes, competition, financial management, preparation and people management impact the success and failure of entrepreneurs
  2. Identify key entrepreneurial theories and link the theories to successful entrepreneurial practice
  3. Describe the process of identifying, developing and implementing a business idea
  4. Outline the principles and processes of strategic management
  5. Assess the viability of a business venture from idea conception to implementation of the business plan
  6. Value constructive criticism in decision-making for assessing entrepreneurial business ideas


Assignment Description and Instructions

You have been asked to put together a report to present to a group of investors on business opportunities in your country or region. Select an industry that you would like to develop a business within, and produce a report of your selected industry, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the industry. You should give strong arguments as to why you want to pursue business in this industry.

Submit your assignment to the appropriate drop box on the Learning Exchange.


Your report is expected to contain:

  1. Title page. Include the following:
  2. Introduction. This will provide the reader with an overview of the content and general interest of the writer in this industry.
  3. Discussion. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in this industry. Include the following information:


  • projected growth rate(s) of the industry
  • estimated number of people currently employed in the industry
  • any barriers to entry into the industry
  • competitors already established in the business/industry


  1. Conclusions. What is the main outcome of doing business in this industry?
  2. Writing and References. Every source used should be listed using APA 6th edition formatting