Notes 4 Z Test And T Tests For A Mean Z Test For A Mean Defn The Z Test For A

Notes: 9.3-9.4 z- Test and t- Tests for A Mean.9.3: z-Test for a MeanDefn. The z-Test for a population mean can be used if n> 30 or if the population isnormal.The formula isz = x – uσ/nwhere = sample mean, = hypothesized population mean,σ = population sd. and n = sample size.Ex: A survey claims the average cost of a hotel room in Memphis is $69.21. To test theclaim a sample of 30 hotel rooms is selected. It is found that the average cost is $68.43and the sd is $3.72. At the α = 0.05 level is there enough evidence to support theclaim?Solution. (5-steps)STEP 1: State the hypothesis and identify the claim.Ho: = 69.21(claim) vs. Hi : 69.21STEP 2: Find the CV. Since =.05 and the test is two tailed CV = 1.96STEP 3: Compute the test value= – = 69.43 – 64.21

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