Need Help With This Code In Raptor 5 Assume You Have Created A Mechanical Robot

Need help with this code in RAPTOR……. 

5. Assume you have created a mechanical robot that can perform the following tasks:

Stand up 

Sit Down

Turn Left 90 Degrees

Turn Right 90 Degrees

Take a Step

Additionally the robot can determine the answer to one test condition:

am i touching something?

Place 2 chairs 20 feet apart, directly facing each other. Draw a structured flowchart AND write Pseudocode describing the logic that would allow the robot to start from a sitting position in one chair , cross the room, and end up sitting in the other chair.

6. Draw a structured flowchart and write pseudocode that describes the process of guessing a number between 1 and 100. After each guess, the player is told that the guess is too high or too low. The process continues until the player guesses the correct number.

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